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We try to fund a Steps to Freedom retreat for each group when they complete the 8 lessons in the guidebook. The Steps Retreat is a weekend to put these lessons into practice. Each retreat runs between $3K and $7K depending on where it is and how many young men are involved.

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We partner with DM groups around the world - we help pay expenses and materials or whatever is needed to help them succeed. We also pay for IT to help us stay organized and keep things running smoothly.

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We train leaders with an annual leadership summit, an annual business summit, and quarterly gatherings focused on discipleship. Each of these events runs between $10K and $20K

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It was on April 13, 2019, that pivoted my life around. A day that marked the turn of my life in my journey as God's boy. A day I confessed moments in my life never verbally shared with another human. A day I was honest with the precise details of hundreds of choices I have made. A day I laid all that the devil had buried into my life, before the Lord. A day that I felt a wholeness of my heart and with a fullness of the Holy Spirit I never experienced before.

For those supporting, donating, or praying for DMU, I thank you personally for your investment because it's going to young men becoming dangerous for the Kingdom of God. It's going towards the restoration of families, friends, and relationships. It's setting men free from the captivity of this world and providing them the tools to fight through the battles of this world. It's providing a space and time to lay the mold from the darkness out into the light of the Lord, and to be confessed before other brothers in Christ. 

We will always be a man to men, warrior to demons, and always God's boy. 

What the Lord did this weekend will not just be a week, month, or year choice, but a lifestyle choice I'll continue to seek out and live in day by day for the rest of my life.


18 States, 16 Countries.

From Colorado to Egypt, young men are learning to live free in their true identity and learn to be Dangerous for the Kingdom of God. (Some countries have only a few men involved and some have many, please pray for God to bless this ministry worldwide.)

35,000+ Men Have Found Freedom.

DANGEROUS MEN grows by disciples making disciples. Your investment helps us support groups all around the world.