Start a Group

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    Order the GUIDEBOOKOrder the GUIDEBOOK for each person in your group and have them pay you back.

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    Tell us you're starting a groupWe'll give you FREE access to:

    • Chapter Videos for each lesson
    • A live weekly video conference call to ask questions and get support from our staff
    • Individual coaching sessions upon request
    • Training videos, podcasts, and other materials
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    Free PizzaWe'll pay for pizza for your first group meeting. Send a copy of the receipt and a picture of your group to and we'll pay you back.

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    Meet with your group
    There are 8 lessons. Each lesson builds on the last. Start each lesson with the corresponding chapter video provided in the Coach's Locker Room. We recommend spending 2 hours on each lesson.

    To help you prepare, each lesson has a corresponding section in the Coaching Guide along with a training podcast.

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    The STEPS TO FREEDOM is the second half of your DM book. Most groups go through it on a weekend retreat.

    We can usually run a FREEDOM RETREAT for your group. If we can't, we'll provide you with the materials, training, and coaching to do it yourself.

What's a "DM" Group?

DANGEROUS MEN "DM" is an 8-lesson small group study followed by the STEPS TO FREEDOM.

The GUIDEBOOK takes you through the 8-lessons:
Lesson 1: Identity Theft: Taking Your Life Back
Lesson 2: Sexuality: Celebrating It!
Lesson 3: Accountability: Fighting Partners
Lesson 4:
Spiritual Warfare: Basic Training
Lesson 5: Sexual Temptations: Understanding Them
Lesson 6: Forgiveness: It’s Really Ours!
Lesson 7: Lust Is the Issue: Not Masturbation
Lesson 8: Sexual Healing: Closing the Gates

After Lesson 8, gather your group and bring them through the STEPS TO FREEDOM — a complete moral and spiritual inventory of your life. The Guidebook is the information; the STEPS TO FREEDOM is the power to live it out in Jesus.

DANGEROUS MEN is about discipleship — disciples making disciples.